Online Surveys

Online Surveys

Understanding Felt Presences

Sometimes, people have the experience of a ‘felt presence’ – that is, they feel like someone or something is present, even when they cannot be heard, seen, or touched. We’re aiming to understand more about these experiences, such as when they occur, why they occur, and who they occur to, using an online survey.

We are particularly interested in these experiences in certain populations. For example, these types of experiences are anecdotally reported frequently in people who take part in extreme outdoor activities, such as mountaineering or diving, but have yet to be systematically studied. Another group we are interested in are people who have regular spiritual experiences.

Who can take part? Adults aged 18-75.

How do I take part? You can fill out the online survey here. If you are a person who would describe themselves as ‘spiritual’, or who have fairly regular spiritual experiences, please fill out the survey here instead. If you are a person who regularly takes part in extreme outdoor activities, such as caving, mountaineering or long-distance running, please fill out the survey here instead. Participation takes around 15 minutes. For more information contact Dr. Peter Moseley.

Personality Impressions and Unusual Experiences

When we hear other people’s voices we tend to judge them on personality characteristics. In this online study, we are aiming to understand more about how this might relate to unusual experiences. If you decide to take part, you will be asked to listen to a series of short voice recordings and rate them on personality characteristics. Later, you will fill out a set of short questionnaires.

Who can take part?  Adults aged 18-35. Participants must be native English speakers with no diagnosis of a psychiatric or neurological disorder and have no history of uncorrectable hearing impairments.

How do I take part? Go to the online survey to participate. Participation takes around 20 minutes. For more information contact Dr. Kaja Mitrenga.


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