Online Surveys

Online Surveys

Spiritually Significant Voices

Spiritually significant voices take a variety of forms. Some people find the term “hearing voices” a useful way to describe their experience, others refer more specifically to hearing God, angels, saints, demons, or other spiritual beings. Others hear sounds but not speech, describe loud thoughts, or feel the presence of God, angels, demons, or other beings. For some people such experiences have been rare – perhaps once in a lifetime – and for others they are ongoing. Our aim is to develop a better understanding of all of these experiences. This study was originally advertised via a series of articles by Prof Chris Cook in Church Times.

Who can take part? Anyone can take part who has had first-hand experience of hearing a spiritually significant voice, as long as they are 16 years of age or over.

How do I take part? Go to the online survey page to participate.

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