We have been enormously privileged to listen to, learn from and collaborate with people who hear voices throughout Hearing the Voice.

Early conversations with Jacqui Dillon, Marius Romme and Sandra Escher at Durham’s Institute of Advanced Study led to ten years of engagement at World Hearing Voices Congresses in Cardiff, Thessaloniki, Madrid, Boston, The Hague and Montreal. Throughout this time, we partnered on pioneering initiatives with Intervoice, the English Hearing Voices Network, Voice Collective and voice-hearing communities within Durham and across the UK. 

We hope Hearing the Voice has made a positive contribution to people’s lives as well as to our wider understanding of hearing voices, and that it can inspire future projects and collaborations.

Professor Charles Fernyhough (Principal Investigator) and Professor Angela Woods (Co-director)

Hearing the Voice is now closed. To mark the end of the project, we have published a short brochure presenting a selection of twelve research and engagement findings from a decade’s worth of interdisciplinary voice-hearing research.

Hearing the Voice was funded by a Wellcome Trust Strategic Award (2012–2015) and a Collaborative Award in the Humanities and Social Science (2015–2022).  We would like to thank the Wellcome Trust for their generous support.

Download the brochure: Hearing the Voice: Interdisciplinary voice-hearing research (2012–2022).


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