Announcing a new series of events produced by Hearing the Voice and Waddington Street Community Centre, Durham (February-May 2018)

Flyer HTV Waddington Street


Hearing the Voice has teamed up with Waddington Street Community Centre to produce a new, four-part series of events exploring voice-hearing and other unusual experiences.

The series runs from February to May 2018, and each event takes place at Waddington Street Community Centre on the second Thursday of the month from 5 to 7pm.

 All are welcome to these free events. No need to register – just drop in! Refreshments will be provided.


February 8, 5PM-7PM 

Everyone hears a voice in their head: their own inner speech. But some people hear voices from elsewhere when no-one is speaking. This can be distressing and associated with psychosis, or a positive and spiritual experience. What’s happening in the brain when someone hears voices? And what can psychology and neuroscience tell us about why these experiences occur?

March 8, 5PM-7PM 

Join us to watch this BBC Horizon documentary exploring the lives of three voice-hearers, and discuss its implications with Professor Charles Fernyhough (Director, Hearing the Voice).


April 12, 5PM-7PM

An informal gathering in which people are warmly invited to share films, poetry and prose inspired by the experience of hearing voices in a supportive space. Facilitated by Mary Robson, the event is an opportunity to explore how voice-hearing can be a source of inspiration and creativity.


May 10, 5PM-7PM 

An interactive session for sharing coping strategies, tips and techniques for dealing with distressing voices.

All events will take place at the Waddington Street Centre, 3 Waddington Street, Durham DH1 4BG.

Download event flyer here.