‘Psychosis, Agency, and Narrative: An Interdisciplinary Workshop’ at The College of St Hild & St Bede, 15 February 2017, from 9:30 – 17:20.


Psychosis, Agency, and Narrative: An Interdisciplinary Workshop
Joachim Room, College of St Hild & St Bede
15 February 2017, from 9:30 – 17:20

How does it feel to be you acting in the world or actively entertaining your own thoughts? And what happens when such a feeling is taken away, or conferred upon someone or something else?

Hallucinations, delusions, inserted thoughts and dissociation can all undermine the intuition that we are the ones controlling our own thoughts and actions. Since our experience of the surrounding world and of our own selves is tightly linked to this sense of agency, its loss, disruption or misattribution can severely affect all aspects of our conscious life.

This one-day workshop examines the theme of lost agency from a number of disciplinary perspectives, with a view to exploring how conceptions of agency in different disciplines might be productively related. The event is organised by John Foxwell (English Studies, Durham) & Ben Alderson-Day (Psychology, Durham) and will feature talks from:

The workshop will close with a discussion chaired by Charles Fernyhough and Marco Bernini (Hearing the Voice).

This event is free and open to the public, but places are limited and can be reserved in advance through Eventbrite.

  1. Do you know of any workshops in the U.S.? Or anything in the U.S. to get help or research that would help me with voices sensations and being touched poked and probed? I really want to help w/ research and try and find some answers of my own.