Hearing the Voice and Empty Shop are delighted to invite you to the UK premier of ‘They Heard Voices,’ produced by Jonathan Balazs. The screening is part of our mini film festival and linked programmed of events that surround the ‘Hearing Voices: suffering, inspiration, and the everyday‘ exhibition at Palace Green Library. All are welcome to attend this free premiere, but places are limited and need to be reserved in advance by following the link below. 

UK premiere of Jonathan Balazs’s ‘They Heard Voices
Empty Shop, Durham

14 December 2016, from 8pm


Jonathan Balazs is filmmaker and photographer based in Toronto. Much of his work is informed by issues surrounding mental health and psychiatric labels. His documentary film, “They Heard Voices,” continues the spirit of investigation by looking at schizophrenia and often medically biased language of hallucinations and delusional thinking. For an “illness” with no cure, pathology or consistent treatments, it is surprising that the label has persisted for over a century. By challenging assumptions about the disorder, the film attempts to provide clarity on issues surrounding psychosis, schizophrenia’s historical significance, the Hearing Voices (HV) movement and the diversity of human experience. With filming locations in Canada, Britain, Scotland and the United States, Balazs interviews experts across the gamut of psychiatric expertise; medical historians, anthropologists, patients, ex-patients and psychiatrists.

All are welcome to this free event, but places are limited so booking is essential. Tickets can be reserved via Eventbrite.

Information about Empty Shop

All film screenings will take place at Empty Shop, 35c Framwellgate Bridge, Durham DH1 4SJ.

Empty Shop is a non-profit arts organisation based in Durham City. The Empty Shop ‘HQ’ is an upstairs unit, and has no street level shop front. The door is subtle and can be found on the left hand side as you begin to walk into the shopping centre at the Framwellgate Bridge entrance next to Ciao Ciao Mediterranean Baker. Click here for a map.


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