Durham University and Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust Joint Special Interest Group for Psychosis (JSIGP) is open to all staff working in either the Trust or University.  However, it will be of particular interest to those staff working in ‘psychosis services’ or who are involved in research within the field. A warm welcome is also extended to any service users who would like to attend. The group meets on a regular basis to discuss a wide range of topics and speakers.

The next meeting, featuring a presentation by Dr Alastair Morgan (Sheffield Hallam University) on ‘Is psychiatry dying ? The contemporary “legitimation crisis” in psychiatry’, will be held on Wednesday March 26th 2014 from 5.30 – 7PM in Room ER 143, Elvet Riverside, Durham University, DH1 3 JT (25 on this map).

Dr Alastair Morgan is Senior Lecturer in Mental Health at Sheffield Hallam University.

Abstract: This talk explores the contemporary “legitimation crisis” in psychiatry. Does psychiatry know what it is for, does it have a role in the future and does it have a clear idea of its conceptual foundations ? Should we care if psychiatry withers away, and dissolves into a range of new disciplines, such as neuroscience, the science of wellbeing,  or the pragmatic management of life issues in the name of mental health recovery ? The talk will examine a proliferation of new and competing “paradigms” for the ontological status of psychiatry and critical psychiatry, and tries to map a direction for the future of psychiatry in the 21st century.

Places are limited for this event.  For more information and to reserve a place, please contact Victoria Patton.

Please note that this meeting will take place in Room ER 143, Elvet Riverside rather than the usual venue.


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