Medicine Unboxed

Medicine Unboxed aims to examine medicine from the perspective of the arts and humanities, and arises from the view that good medicine demands more than scientific and technical expertise, also requiring ethical judgment, empathy, and an understanding of human experience.

This year’s conference explores ‘VOICE’ and will celebrate ‘the subjective, personally charged and disparate voices that gather and resonate within medicine’.  Topics for discussion include ‘the patient’s voice, the sung voice, the hallucinated voice, the voice of the politically engaged, the poetic voice, the silent voices of the operating theatre, voices captured mid-conversation, the hidden voice of the subconscious, the struggle for medicine’s true voice, and what it is finally that makes our voice heard, and draws us to genuinely hear others’ voices through the clamour and bleeps of medicine’s world.’

HtV researchers, Charles Fernyhough and Richard Bentall, together with Advisory Board member Eleanor Longden, are delighted to be speaking at this event.  Other contributors include: Andrew Motion, Jocelyn Pook, Lionel Shriver, Roger Kneebone, Fi Glover, Jackie Kay, Bobby Baker, Melanie Pappenheim, Stephen Grosz, Deborah Bowman, Eduardo Miranda, Allyson Pollock, Charlotte Blease, Jo Shapcott, Rhys Morgan, Julian Baggini, Roger Taylor, Bob Heath, Birmingham Medical School Choir and Raymond Tallis.

To learn more about the conference programme, please visit the Medicine Unboxed Facebook Page, follow @medicineunboxed on Twitter, or visit their Pininterest boards.

In order to book tickets for this event, please click here or call the Parabola Arts Centre on 01242 707338.

Sat 23 – Sun 24 November 2013 (£75/£40)
09:00-18:00 each day
Ticket price includes refreshments and lunch on both days.

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