Thank you! We had an overwhelming response to our questionnaire study, which closed on Friday 29 November 2013. Findings and updates will be posted on this site so please check back over the coming months for more information.

Hearing the Voice, in collaboration with the Lived Experience Research Network, is pleased to announce a new research study into the experience of hearing voices.

This study – an online questionnaire which can be completed anonymously – takes a philosophical approach to understanding human experience. It invites people who hear voices to reflect upon important aspects of their experience – such as moods and emotions, or bodily sensations – which may not usually be the subject of attention, especially in clinical settings.

You can find out more about the study, and take part, by clicking here. The study will run until November 29.

Developing a better understanding of the experience of voice-hearing is perhaps the central aim of the Hearing the Voice project, and one of the strengths of working as an interdisciplinary team is that we can go about this in a number of ways. We are in regular conversations with voice-hearers from a wide range of backgrounds, and have learned a lot from the narratives of people who have shared their stories of recovery. We work closely with clinicians and carers who have professional experience of working with people who are distressed by their voices. We are critically investigating the psychological scales that psychologists and neuroscientists use to measure and quantify hallucinatory experience. And we are examining the literary, historical and theological record to put all of this into a wider cultural context.

Our hope is that this study will make an important contribution to the wider Hearing the Voice project and so ultimately be of benefit to people who hear voices and to those who care about and for them. This can only happen through the good will of our anonymous participants. If you or someone you know would like to find out more, or are interested in participating in the study, please visit the questionnaire web site for further details.