The Hearing the Voice project team is looking to appoint three Postdoctoral Research Fellows in the Departments of Philosophy, Psychology and English, to start from 1 October 2012 or as soon as possible thereafter.

We are looking for highly motivated individuals capable of conducting internationally excellent research into voice-hearing, and for people who are excited at the prospect of working as part of a close-knit and highly interdisciplinary team. Our project involves researchers from all three faculties of Durham University, experts-by-experience, clinicians and academics from local, national and international partner institutions. Postdoctoral Research Fellows will develop their research in the context of vibrant cross-disciplinary conversations and collaborations that we believe are at the cutting edge of work in the medical humanities.

The Philosophy Postdoctoral Research Fellow will work closely with Professor Matthew Ratcliffe to research the phenomenology of voice-hearing and address associated philosophical issues, in ways that engage with neuroscience and other disciplines.

The Psychology Postdoctoral Research Associate will work closely with Dr Charles Fernyhough to conduct empirical research in the phenomenology of inner speech and voice-hearing, including the design of neuroimaging studies, with both nonclinical and clinical samples.

The English Postdoctoral Research Fellow will work closely with Professor Corinne Saunders and Professor Pat Waugh to research literary treatments of voice-hearing and address associated literary, narrative and cultural issues, in ways that engage with relevant disciplines such as medical humanities, phenomenological philosophy and history of psychiatry developmental and cognitive psychology and the developing field of critical neuroscience.

All Postdoctoral Research Fellows will also attend fortnightly project meetings, present research at project and public events, collaborate in the organization of workshops and conferences, and help to develop online resources.

Applications for the three-year post of Philosophy Postdoctoral Research Fellow have now closed. Applications for the three-year post of Psychology Postdoctoral Research Fellow, and the two-year post of English Postdoctoral Research Fellow, are invited by 1 September 2012. We welcome applications from people who are experts by experience.