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New Project Shorts Published on Working Knowledge

Interdisciplinary research: intermittently theorised, frequently funded, increasingly valorised. But how is it actually done? We’re delighted to announce the publication of four new Project Shorts as part of Working Knowledge, an HtV-run website dedicated to the practical ins and outs of interdisciplinary research…

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Working with voices in the NHS: dialogues and monologues (3 October)

Hearing the Voice would like to draw your attention to this upcoming workshop on working with voices within the NHS, which is affiliated with the Educational Voice-Hearing Network in the Collaborating Centre for Value-based Practice in Health and Social Care (St Catherine’s College, Oxford University) and takes place on 3 October at the Warneford Hospital (Oxford).

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Podcast: Why we talk to ourselves

Listen to Charles Fernyhough – PI and Director of Hearing the Voice – discussing the role of self-talk in our daily lives with WHYY’s Radio Times and NPR Sirius, a Philadelphia-based public affairs program.

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Stranger things: how our expectations do (and don’t) shape what we hear

From time to time, all of us are likely to have an experience of seeing or hearing something and then finding that other people don’t share the experience. It’s quite common to think about those experiences as being a bit unusual – maybe like a hallucination, or an illusion – but actually these “individual differences” in perception can be quite common.

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