Welcoming Jade Peters to Hearing the Voice

We’re excited to welcome Jade Peters, who will be joining the team as a Research Assistant (Psychology Department). We look forward to working with Jade on Understanding Voices, a new website that will make it easier for people to find information about different approaches to voice-hearing and ways of supporting those who are struggling with the voices they hear. Jade writes:

Becoming a research assistant with this exciting interdisciplinary research group will offer the opportunity to contribute and expand my knowledge and skills. I have completed both an undergraduate and MSc in Psychology, with a particular focus on ‘the internal eating disorder voice’. Having previously worked as an Assistant Psychologist in the NHS, I have now shifted my focus to research, with the intention of broadening my skill set and knowledge to pursue a PhD. I am particularly interested in the psychology of voice-hearing – with reference to risk factors, brain functioning and environmental triggers and suitable and effective therapeutic techniques to alleviate the impact of voice hearing for the individual and their support network.