ManHealth – a new charity in the North-East dedicated to creating male peer-support groups for men with depression – have released a series of videos to encourage and support those who feel unable to talk about their mental health. Written by David Napthine, HtV collaborator and writer-in-residence for Hearing Voices: suffering, inspiration and the everyday, these short films explore symptoms like social isolation, loss of appetite and libido, and suicidal thoughts, and demonstrate how depressive thoughts can consume someone’s life.

‘These videos personify depression, give it voice and character, to illustrate how someone can hear a “negative voice” speaking only to them that undermines their well-being and confuses and distresses those around them’

– Writer David Napthine

A more in-depth look at ManHealth and their video campaign can be found here.

If embedded videos won’t play, these films can also be watched by clicking the links below:

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