BBC Radio considers this very question during the latest episode of The Why Factor. Featuring interviews with Rai Waddingham (HtV collaborator), Angela Woods (HtV Co-Director) and many others, The Why Factor offers a fascinating insight into what it is like to hear voices, possible reasons for their presence, and changing attitudes towards voice-dialogue within the field of psychology.

BBC Episode Guide:

‘Meet Rachel Waddingham and meet the voices that inhabit Rachel’s head: there is three-year-old Blue who just wants to play with other children, 11-year-old Elfie who is easily offended and a panel of three critical scientists. Peter hears a voice that dictated an entire children’s book to him. Around 2% of people claim, like Rachel, to be inhabited by voices with whom they have full blown relationships. Are they all sick? What causes people to hear voices? And why have some psychologists changed their minds about the dangers of colluding with the voices?’

Photo: Rai Waddingham

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