David Napthine's desk

When do you hear voices? What do your voices say? Who do they belong to?

David Napthine is our writer in residence during Hearing Voices: suffering, inspiration and the everyday, using writing to engage exhibition audiences in an exploration of all its themes. He is currently working on a creative exploration of voice-hearing that will grow over the course of the exhibition and warmly invites you to work with him on this project.

David writes:

I have been writer-in-residence for a couple of weeks and during that time I have spoken to many people who have kindly offered their insights into hearing voices either in conversation or in writing.

I am taking these offerings, generously given, and weaving them into a story. What form that story will eventually take I have no idea; it will develop in response to what is said and what is written. It will be continuously re-written and edited in response to the contributions made by you, the reader and the visitor.

Using the best advice I ever had from a professional writer – ‘Don’t get it right; get it written’ – here are two examples of text created from situations, experiences and words already given. It is a start and I hope they might prompt you to contribute new scenes, descriptions, characters, stories, experiences for this is our story, not mine. All contributions, anonymous or otherwise, will appear in some form on the exhibition website and at my desk in the exhibition.

I look forward to you writing with me.

Thank you,
24 November 2016

The two pieces David has written can be found on the exhibition website here (please scroll down to the bottom of the page). To share your experiences and contribute new scenes, descriptions, characters and stories, please email David directly.

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