colorful_sound_waves-wallpaper-1280x960Hearing the Voice co-investigator Dr Ben Alderson-Day writes:

In July we will be running our final MRI sessions for our study of voice-hearing in people without need for care (sometimes known as non-clinical voice-hearers). For the study we have had loads of great support from people with and without experience of hearing voices – thank you to all those who have volunteered their time or helped spread the word. We now only need 3 or 4 ‘control’ participants to provide the final matches for our voice-hearer group.

The study involves listening to different kinds of sounds while lying in the scanner, and sessions are taking place at the Birkbeck-UCL Centre for Neuroimaging (BUCNI) at 26 Bedford Way, London (WC1H 0AP). For this final call, volunteers must be:

  • Aged 45-75
  • Right-handed
  • Native English speakers
  • Have no prior experience of hearing voices that others cannot hear
  • Available to attend an MRI scan in central London on either July 12th or 13th.

A session takes 2.5 hours in total and participants will receive a £30 gift voucher for taking part. If you are interested in being a participant, please get in touch with me by email.

Please note, for safety reasons, we are unable to scan people with metal implants or piercings that cannot be removed.


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