Frontiers e-book: Inner Experiences

Alain Morin, Thomas M. Brinthaupt and Jason D. Runyan, (eds) Inner Experiences: Theory, Measurement, Frequency, Content, and Functions, published in Frontiers in Psychology, February 2016.

The term ‘inner experience’ is used to refer to a wide variety of internal states including inner speech or verbal thought, mental imagery, feelings and bodily sensations. But what’s the best way to study these experiences? And what light can we shed on their frequency, function and content? Earlier this year, the journal Frontiers in Psychology published a free research topic e-book edited by Alain Morin, Thomas M. Brinthaupt and Jason D. Runyan dedicated to exploring these questions, and providing a platform for the dissemination of high quality scientific research into inner experiences.

The e-book contains fourteen articles, many with a focus on inner speech research. Topics covered include inner experience in the resting state (lying in the scanner doing nothing in particular); new ways to measure inner experiences, including developments in smartphone technology that improve and refine previous inner speech sampling techniques; inner speech deficits in people with aphasia; and changes in memory and inner experience as we age.

The study of inner experiences – particularly the link between inner speech, memory, sensory awareness and voice-hearing – is central to our work at Hearing the Voice, and our researchers contributed three articles to the collection:

Anyone who would like to access the full e-book and read these papers is welcome to download it by clicking the image above.

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