This podcast was recorded on 24 February 2016 and features a presentation by Dr Sam Warner (Salford University) on ‘Visions, voices, dissociated parts and child sexual abuse: From living life in crisis to moving on to recovery’.

Abstract: In this talk, Sam Warner demonstrates how visions, voices and dissociated parts sometimes develop in response to the overwhelming trauma of child sexual abuse. She explores how splitting parts off in these ways helps people to mentally survive the trauma of abuse, but can also cause additional stress, which may undermine their recovery. This is particularly the case when services view visions, voices and dissociated parts as symptoms of mental disorder, rather than as meaningful and potentially helpful starting points for recovery. Drawing on her work with children and adults who hear voices, see visions and experience different identities, she demonstrates how victims of childhood sexual abuse can be supported to use their visions, voices and dissociated parts to understand abuse-trauma and to provide direction for recovery.

: Sam Warner is a chartered and consultant clinical psychologist, and currently an honorary lecturer, school of social sciences, Salford University. In the late 1980s Sam started her career volunteering at her local Rape Crisis. She then qualified as a clinical psychologist in 1991 and today Sam works as an academic, consultant, expert witness, researcher, therapist, strategic adviser and trainer. Throughout Sam’s career she has specialised in sexual violence, child protection, domestic abuse and mental health. Sam has written books and papers on abuse and related issues, such as self-harm. Her books include Understanding the effects of child sexual abuse: Feminist revolutions in theory, research and practice (2009, published by Routledge), and with Helen Spandler (2007) Beyond fear and control: Working with young people who self-harm (PCCS Books). Sam is currently working on a second edition of Understanding child sexual abuse: Making the tactics visible (PCCS Books). She is designing a training manual and DVD pack for working with clients who have experienced child sexual abuse and exploitation Sam has worked for the British Department of Health and been engaged by the British Government’s Stabilisation Unit as, respectively, a national advisor and international expert on sexual violence and mental health. Currently Sam provides clinical oversight to Barnardos Safer Futures services, North West, UK.

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