Core Module: Understanding Young People Who Hear Voices

Wednesday, 14 October 2015, 10.30–13.30
Cardboard Citizens
77A Greenfield Rd 
E1 1EJ London
United Kingdom

At least 8% of young people hear voices that other people don’t. If one of them came to you, tomorrow, and wanted to talk about it – would you know what to say or do?

Would you like to understand more about what it’s like to hear voices or see visions, hearing from people who have both personal and professional experiences to share?

Would you like to learn some essential coping strategies that young people can use to deal with distressing experiences?

This half day workshop presents a fresh approach to voice-hearing. Founded in lived experience and the work of the Voice Collective project, it includes:

  • What it feels like to hear voices as a young person
  • The impact this can have on a young person’s home, school and social life
  • An introduction to the Hearing Voices Network approach to voice-hearing
  • Ways to open up conversations about voices, helping young people feel heard
  • Simple youth-friendly coping strategies
  • Positive stories of recovery and resilience

This workshop is suitable for:

Anyone working with, or supporting, children or young people in Greater London, including: parents, youth workers, counsellors, CAMHS, EIP, therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, OTs, support workers, GPs, substance mis-use workers, YOTs, helpline staff, teachers, mentors & more.

For more information about this course and to book places, please visit the Voice Collective Eventbrite site.

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