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Join us for an event which seeks to explore the materialities of mental illness, featuring David Cronenberg’s psychological thriller Spider (2002).

Starring Ralph Fiennes and Miranda Richardson, the film reveals the intricate and confusing webs of bodies, objects and place which can be symptomatic of schizophrenia, blurring the line between fact and fiction and shattering both mind and body.

The event will include short talks and a panel discussion involving Dr. Andrea Sabbadini, a practising psychoanalyst who is also Director of the European Psychoanalytic Film Festival, Prof. Steve Pile, professor of Human Geography at the Open University and co-editor of Psychoanalytic Geographies (2014), Dr. Felicity Callard (Durham), Reader in Social Science for Medical Humanities and Director of Hubbub (The Hub at Wellcome Collection), and Michael J. Flexer, PhD candidate at the Leeds University Centre for Medical Humanities, studying cross-disciplinary representations of schizophrenia.

Tuesday 23rd June / 7pm / Jetlag Bar, Cleveland Street, London W1T 6QB / £5

MORE INFORMATION at Passenger films /@passengerfilms / facebook.com/PASSENGERFILMS


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