The next seminar in the 2015  Hearing the Voice Research Seminar series, featuring a presentation by Professor Charles Fernyhough (Department of Psychology, Durham University) on ‘The Voices in Our Heads’,  will take place in the Birley Room in Hatfield College, Durham University (number 20 on this map) on Thursday 4 June 2015, 5 pm – 7 pm.

Abstract: A dominant psychological model of voice-hearing holds that it involves a disturbance to the process by which inner speech—our ordinary internal dialogue—is attributed to the self. Accounting for the phenomenological richness and varied pragmatics of voice-hearing requires, however, an equally nuanced conception of the functional and structural heterogeneity of the ordinary voices in our heads. I review some key recent findings on voice-hearing and inner speech, and explore their implications for three main areas of enquiry: the paradox of the apparent ubiquity of inner speech, the value of reading some forms of voice-hearing as inner dialogue rather than as atypical communicative acts, and the dynamic interaction in voice-hearing of inner speech and memory.

The Hearing the Voice Research Seminar series is designed to provide a platform for HtV researchers to share the detailed findings of their research and gain feedback from a wider audience.  Anyone with an interest in Hearing the Voice research is welcome to attend. If you would like to reserve a place, please fill in our online registration form.

If you have any queries about the event, please contact Victoria Patton.

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