Hearing the Voice is pleased to be participating in #PeoplesQs next week – a social media campaign designed to provide an opportunity for members of the public to ask academics about the research being done to improve their lives.

We would be delighted to hear your questions on voice-hearing and will endeavour to answer as many tweets as possible within a time period of two days, volume permitting.

If you would like to participate in the discussion, please tweet us @hearingvoice using the hashtag #PeoplesQs between 11 am and 1 pm on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (11, 12, 13 June 2014).  We welcome questions on a wide range of topics related to hearing voices and other unusual experiences, including:

  • the relationship between our inner voice (i.e. what psychologists call ‘inner speech’) and voice-hearing
  • research into links between hearing voices and memories of past trauma such as bullying, neglect and physical, emotional and sexual abuse
  • the connection between hearing voices, inner speech and creativity
  • voice-hearing and religious or spiritual experience
  • what happens to the information-processing mechanisms in the brain when someone is hearing voices
  • sources of help and support that are available for people who find their voices distressing.

Unfortunately, Hearing the Voice is unable to offer crisis support, but our ‘Looking for Support’ page provides plenty of information and sources of support for people who are experiencing disturbing or disruptive voices.

The #PeoplesQs initiative forms part of Universities Week 2014, which takes place from 9-15 June 2014, and celebrates the impact of UK universities on our everyday lives.

The desire to improve people’s lives is at the centre of our work at Hearing the Voice, so please do get in touch with us with any queries you might have about our research – there is no question that is too small to ask.



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