Wonder: Art & Science on the Brain logoCinema and Psychosis
17 March 2013, 2-6pm
Cinema 3 (Beech Street)



Part of the Barbican’s Wonder: Art and Science on the Brain season, Cinema and Psychosis brings together film theorists, film makers, psychiatrists and neuropsychologists who pioneer research into the interface between film and psychiatry.

This one-day event includes presentations from expert guest speakers and a series of short films commissioned by The Institute of Inner Vision, an initiative that places cinema at the heart of an investigation into the subjective experience of psychosis. Its objectives are to ‘use film as the medium in the convergence of scientific knowledge with artistic perception, to generate medical insights, and to celebrate the visionary work of filmmakers with direct experience of mental health issues.’

As part of the day’s events, Dr Vaughan Bell (King’s College London) and Dr Charles Fernyhough (Director of Hearing the Voice, Durham University) will be speaking on ‘Psychiatric and neurological knowledge of psychosis: Clinical representation in cinema’.  For the full programme and booking details, please visit Cinema and Psychosis on the Barbican website.

Cinema and Psychosis is curated by Sal Anderson and supported by the Barbican, the Wellcome Trust, and the Institute of Inner Vision.

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