Angela and Charles represented Hearing the Voice at the 25th Anniversary World Hearing Voices Congress in Cardiff this week. There was a wonderful, festive atmosphere and a real sense of pride in what the movement has achieved over its first quarter-century. The audience was treated to many excellent keynotes including from Marius Romme and Sandra Escher, Ron Coleman, Rufus May, and Robin Murray from the Schizophrenia Commission. Parallel sessions presented research papers on topics such as trauma and voice-hearing, international perspectives on voice-hearing research, and spirituality and different belief systems. There were workshops on topics such as narrative therapy, working with older adults, coming off medication, and many others.

We presented the Hearing the Voice project at our session today, to a full audience of people from a wide range of backgrounds. There wasn’t a lot of time for discussion, so if you were at the talk and would like to continue the conversation, please leave a comment here! We were also live-tweeting the congress on our Twitter feed, so do have a look if you would like to catch up on what happened.

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