A very warm welcome to Rebecca Doggwiler, who joins our team as Communications, Public Engagement and Impact Assistant.

Rebecca holds a Masters in International Cultural Heritage Management from Durham University, and has worked on a variety of projects in the arts, cultural heritage and education.

 Rebecca writes:

‘As incoming Communications, Public Engagement and Impact Assistant, I look forward to working alongside the Hearing the Voice team. Many people hear voices, yet the associated stigma has prevented deeper understanding of the experience. The research conducted by Hearing the Voice will help to dispel such prejudices, while its interdisciplinary nature will improve our comprehension of their experience and its impact on voice-hearers and the wider community.


I am particularly interested by the history of voice-hearing, and am passionate about the accessibility of cultural heritage, which I believe can transform lives and enrich our understanding of others and ourselves. As a student at Durham University, I led Castle Community Action, an outreach programme based in Durham Castle, and have continued to advocate for accessibility in the arts, cultural heritage and education. Work completed during my MA explored methods of access within these fields, with a focus on Disneyfication and the transferability of Imagineering techniques. The voice-hearing community possess a unique heritage, and I look forward to improving the accessibility of such heritage – and other research conducted by Hearing the Voice – over the coming months.


It is a privilege to join such a ground-breaking project – I can’t wait to get started!’

Rebecca will be working on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, and can be reached via email or 01913 348 144.

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