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FINAL CALL! Control participants needed: fMRI study on voice-hearing (July 2016, central London)

In July we will be running our final MRI sessions for our study of voice-hearing in people without need for care (sometimes known as non-clinical voice-hearers). For the study we have had loads of great support from people with and without experience of hearing voices – thank you to all those who have volunteered their time or helped spread the word. We now only need 3 or 4 ‘control’ participants to provide the final matches for our voice-hearer group.

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Feelings of Presence: New Article and Survey

Have you ever had the experience of feeling like you are in the presence of somebody, even when no-one was there? Or had the feeling that someone was close by, who you couldn’t see, hear or touch?

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Welcoming Dr Adam Powell to the Hearing the Voice team

A warm welcome to Adam Powell, who joins the Hearing the Voice team as a COFUND International Junior Research Fellow in Durham’s Department of Theology and Religion.
Adam will be researching the experience of spiritual voices within the early Mormon church with a particular focus on the relationships between expectation, frequency and nature of voice-hearing. He is also keen to explore how Mormonism can act as a case study and model for understanding the distinction between spiritual and non-spiritual voices more broadly.

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‘A Creative Workshop for Young People Who Hear Voices or See Visions – Time and Space to Simply Be’ by Imogen

As part of the preparatory work for our forthcoming exhibition on voice-hearing at Durham’s Palace Green Library (November 2016 – February 2017), Hearing the Voice has produced Listen Up! – a series of creative workshops in Bradford, Leeds and Durham specifically for young people who hear voices, see visions or have other unusual sensory experiences. Facilitated by our collaborator Rachel Waddingham and our creative facilitator Mary Robson, the participants in the workshops are creating an artwork that challenges the stigma associated with voice-hearing and which will go on display in the exhibition space. In this blog post, one of the participants, Imogen, reflects on what contributing to Listen Up! means for her.

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New Podcast: Dr Ben Alderson-Day on ‘What’s new about prediction?’

In this podcast, which was recorded at our workshop on Hallucination and Prediction at St Chad’s College, Durham University on 7-8th July 2016, Dr Ben Alderson-Day gives an introduction to the predictive processing framework for understanding hearing voices and other unusual experiences.

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Hallucination and Prediction Workshop, 7–8th July 2016

Recently scientists and theorists have been interested in applying this idea to hearing voices and other unusual experiences. Earlier this month Hearing the Voice hosted our first workshop on Hallucination and Prediction, a series of talks and discussions aimed at discussing the topic in more depth. The workshop was divided into three parts: first, some general theoretical views on predictive processing; second, how we might apply it to understanding psychosis; and third, how we might use computational modelling and A.I. to study the topic. In this blog post, Sam Wilkinson and Ben Alderson-Day summarise some of the highlights from the two days.

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Two New British Academy Fellows from Hearing the Voice

We are delighted to announce that Professor Patricia Waugh, co-investigator on Hearing the Voice, and our collaborator Professor Sophie Scott (University College London) have been elected as Fellows of the British Academy, in recognition of their outstanding contribution to research.

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