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How do we research people’s inner experience?

One of the overarching objectives of the Hearing the Voice project has been to try and answer the ‘what is like?’ questions; to develop a richer understanding of the experiences of hearing voices. To this end we have conducted a range of investigations – some... read more

‘Coping Strategies for Living with Voices’ by Roz Austin

Roz Austin, a doctoral student in Durham’s Centre for Medical Humanities and Department of Geography, who is also part of the ‘Hearing the Voice’ research team, reflects here on the Focus Group which she led in Oxford in May 2015, when she shared with participants the... read more

Call for Participants: Young People Hearing Voices

Hannah Ryan, a researcher at the Anna Freud Centre writes: Are you a young person (under 25) who hears voices? Would you like to contribute to our understanding of the experience voice hearing for young people?  Hello, my name is Hannah, I am a postgraduate researcher... read more

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