Roz Austin (University of York) recently ran an animal-assisted therapy research day at Waddington Street Centre (Durham), collecting material for her upcoming book. Several voice-hearers participated in these interviews, and Roz is eager to collect further testimony. Roz writes:

Roz with Otie.

Do you hear voices?

Do you like spending time with an animal?

Do you have an animal as a pet?

I would like to hear from voice-hearers about why it may help to spend time with animals.

I am writing a chapter for a book about why animals may help individuals who hear voices. The book is titled ‘The Practical Handbook of Hearing Voices: a guide to auditory hallucinations’. My co-editor is an open dialogue specialist called Mark Hopfenbeck. The book will be published by PCCS Books in 2020.

If you are interested in completing a short questionnaire, please contact me via email.

Roz with Alpha.


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