The Hearing the Voice team is delighted to welcome Roz Oates, who joins us as a PhD student in the Department of Geography and the Centre for Medical Humanities.

Drawing on her MA in Critical Theory from Sussex University, and her MSc in Medical Humanities from King’s College London, Roz’s doctoral research will explore the possibility that narrative may assist voice-hearers who are distressed by their voices cope better with this experience.

Roz says: “Some voice-hearers see their voices as a reaction to traumatic events, or as a creative way of coping with feelings or thoughts that trouble them. If these individuals perceive their identity as fissured, then narrative may offer them a way to create a dialogue between the fractured parts, so that they relate more positively to their voices. I am interested in how voices can be made sense of, and also how this process of understanding might be traced back to the splitting that arguably occurs at the onset of voices.”

In addition to her doctoral research, Roz is hoping to set up a hearing voices group in Durham in conjunction with the Hearing Voices Network, which is currently expanding its presence in the north-east.

We warmly welcome Roz to Durham University, and look forward to working with her over the next three years.

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