HumanFlourishingLogoPostgraduate researchers in the Centre for Medical Humanities at Durham University are delighted to announce that there will be a two-day post-graduate conference entitled ‘Understanding Human Flourishing’ on 16-17 May in the Holgate Conference Centre at Grey College, Durham University.

The aim of the conference is to bring together postgraduate researchers whose interests relate to the medical humanities in order to explore interdisciplinary perspectives on, and ways of researching, health, illness and human flourishing.  The conference is a chance for postgraduates to build key networks and collaborative relationships for the future.  There will also be a panel on academic publishing, which will provide crucial information and advice for researchers at the beginning of a career in medical humanities.

Keynote speaker: Professor Stuart Murray, School of English and Centre for Medical Humanities, University of Leeds

Panel on academic publishing: Professor Martyn Evans, Centre for Medical Humanities, Durham University; Professor Brian Hurwitz, Centre for Humanities and Health, King’s College, London; Dr Deborah Kirklin, Editor of BMJ Medical Humanities journal, University College London

As part of the day’s events, there will be a panel on ‘Perspectives on Voice Hearing’ comprised of the following speakers and presentations:

  • Roz Oates: ‘Narrative as a Therapeutic Strategy for Assisting Voice-Hearers’
  • Susanne Adahl: ‘The Subjective Experience of Voice Hearing’
  • Michael Flexer: ‘Death of the Memoirist: Schizophrenia, Semiotics and the Illusion of Illness Narratives’

The full draft programme for the conference is available here.  For more information and how to register, please visit the conference website and/or contact the conference organisers.

Registration for the conference is free, but please note that there will be a £15 charge if you would like to attend the conference dinner.

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