Psychological Studies

Cognitive test

Cognitive Testing

As part of our ongoing research program, we need as many people as possible to take part in some simple psychological testing. You don’t have to have any experience of voices or any unusual experiences (although that’s fine too) – we’re just looking for people between the ages of 18 and 75. Participation simply involves coming along to Durham Psychology department, and completing some simple language and memory tasks. Participation usually takes around 90 minutes, and is rewarded with a £5 Amazon voucher.

Who can take part? Native English speakers, aged 18-75.

How do I take part? If you’re interested in taking part, please email Dr. Peter Moseley or tel: 0191 334 8166.

Thought Processes and Facial Muscle Activity

To further our understanding of the mechanisms of thought, we are recruiting participants for a new study which involves cognitive reasoning tasks, a number of questionnaires and electromyography (EMG). 

In the study, you will be asked to complete questionnaires about your mood and your thinking generally, as well as two cognitive reasoning tasks. We are interested in how these cognitive tasks can influence an individual’s thinking. Therefore, following these tasks you will be prompted to think about certain topics. After each period of thought, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire about your most recent thoughts. 

This study will also involve the use of EMG to measure facial muscle activity during each period of thought. EMG is a safe, non-invasive procedure that does not involve any form of electrical stimulation. In this study, small electrodes will be attached above and below your lips as well as on your brow and forehead. We will use a special skin preparation gel on the skin area to prepare the skin for electrode placement. If you suffer from skin conditions that you think could be affected by the use of any substances, you should not take part in this study. Furthermore, if you have brow or lip piercings that cannot be removed, you will not be able to take part in this study. 

Who can take part? It is required that participants have no history of psychiatric or neurological disorders and are aged between 18 and 65.

How do I take part? If you’re interested in taking part and would like more information, please contact Jamie Moffatt.

Speech Perception and Unusual Experiences

This study investigates electrical lip muscle activity during speaking and thinking. It aims to look at the relationship between the perception of one’s own speech and unusual perceptual experiences. 

In this task, you will be asked to make short recordings of your speech, while performing simple speech tasks (for example, speaking or imagining speaking in your thoughts). This part will involve measuring electrical activity of lip muscles with a technique called electromyography (EMG). It is a safe, non-invasive procedure that does not involve any form of electrical stimulation. Later, you will fill out a set of short questionnaires. 

Who can take part? Adults aged 18-65. Participants must be native English speakers with no diagnosis of psychiatric or neurological disorders and history of facial nerve damage. 

How do I take part? Please email Dr Kaya Mitrenga if you would like to ask any questions about the study or take part. Participation takes around two hours. 


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