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New Project Shorts Published on Working Knowledge

Interdisciplinary research: intermittently theorised, frequently funded, increasingly valorised. But how is it actually done? We’re delighted to announce the publication of four new Project Shorts as part of Working Knowledge, an HtV-run website dedicated to the practical ins and outs of interdisciplinary research…

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Mind Reading: the Role of Narrative in Mental Health (18-19 June)

Do clinicians and patients speak the same language? How might we bridge the evident gaps in communication? How can we use narrative to foster clinical relationships? Or to care for the carers? This exciting conference at the University of Birmingham aims to explore these questions and many more…

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Mind and spirit: hypnagogia and religious experience

In a new essay published by The Lancet Psychiatry – Mind and spirit: hypnagogia and religious experience – HtV’s Adam Powell draws on extensive historical research to suggest that the key to understanding such nineteenth-century religious experiences may, indeed, be to ‘sport with common sense’…

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